Aurelia Swarm

A swarm of Aurelia (moon jellies) seen in Gwaii Haanas.

They filled up one small cove that we had anchored in, as can be seen below.



I am off to the field for a few weeks. I will have intermittent internet and will try to respond to comments when I can.


Canon Elan 7N, Kodak Ektar 100, processed at Canadian Film Lab




4 thoughts on “Aurelia Swarm

  1. This makes me smile…I know I told you about the time I saw them, not a swarm, but some…and seeing them again is a pleasure, especially in such beautifully colored waters. It’s a beautiful image.
    It’s good to see the second photo, for context – I always like to see context photos. I hope the field work is going well. I confess I haven’t been using my little film camera much, but I know I’ll get back to it – I have another Fuji color roll in it.


    • Hi Lynn, the colours in this image are one of the reasons to use that little camera! Ektar is expensive, but does have great colours (except not so great for skin tones).


    • Hi John – thanks. They are remarkable visually. But in fact, moon jellies do not have a noticeable sting – you could swim through this swarm without ill effect. On the other hand, such swarms have caused near-catastrophic problems for the cooling systems of nuclear power plants which have overheated and required shutting down and cleaning of tons of jellies.


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