Soft Rock Morning

This photo is at sunrise on the south-east side of Harling Point. Until I looked at the photo I had not seen the wonderful pink rock. Perhaps it is partly an artifact of the variable ND filter which I had on the camera, but which was at its lowest setting. Or more likely it was me paying more attention to setting up the camera than having a good look at what I was framing.

Regardless of how the shot came about, I am presenting it today because I love the colours and the light and the softness of the pink and yellow areas. If you were between a rock and a hard place, would it help if the rock were like this?


Image taken with Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 50mm f1.4 lens, ISO100, ND filter, f16, 0.6 seconds.



18 thoughts on “Soft Rock Morning

  1. Beautiful color and detail in the rocks. And a nice softness in the water, too. A good combination but the composition is really excellent.


    • Thank you Ken. I am glad you like the composition (and the rest of it too). The composition feels right to me, but if you asked me to explain why I would be at a complete loss for words.


    • Hi Jim – welcome to my blog – nice to have you commenting. I hope you come back 🙂 And, your photos are great. I will be looking more at your work when I can. Full frame makes a pretty big difference, especially for something like this which is cropped out of a larger view.


    • Its funny because I am stuck here, in the sense that I live very close and can go there when I want. But, its not usually like this for many different reasons (time of day, tide, light, weather, my mood) so I am not stuck in the photographed place, but somewhere that is only fleetingly like it.


  2. I love the colours and the light, softness of the pink and yellow areas, too. It is interesting about not seeing what you are photographing. I have many photos from my travels that mean nothing to me when I look at them, as I was concentrating on the camera and framing NOT the environment I was in. I remember many places better when I haven’t taken the photo!


    • Hi Photobooth – that is an interesting thought – I find that some of my photos are like that. However, this one does capture what I was trying to frame in – the light and softness of the morning, so it does work for me as an aide-mémoire. I know what you mean though, and have some photos that have nice surprises in them, which I will keep and others that I am surprised by, but not pleased and those ones I tend to toss.


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