Breakwater Shadow II

Here is a black and white picture from the landward end of the Ogden Point Breakwater showing the shadows of pedestrians on the wall of a small building. A few days ago I posted a colour version of a similar view.

There are things about that shot I like better than this one (such as the silhouette of the grasses in the foreground), but overall this pictures seems to work better, or at least I think so. Both have the same interplay of shadows and lines on the building which was one of the main reasons I attempted these shots.

Darn, I just published this one prematurely. Edited the date to be Feb 1st instead of Feb 16th and indeed it even sorts out to being published on Feb 1st, when it was not. Which means one can fool the system and make it look like there has been a post every day. It has been a few months since I last did this, must be tired. I had an all day meeting with a federal agency, that could explain my lack of focus.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100, f11, 1/500th



9 thoughts on “Breakwater Shadow II

  1. Ack, all day meetings with ANYONE will certainly drain ya! Perhaps I’ll be the odd duck out, but I actually like the first image better…and after seeing this one, believe I would like it all the more if it was converted to B&W. There’s just something about the silhouette, the single shadow person, the partial roof being in view, they all tie together for me. Either way, I like both…just prefer the first. 😉


    • Hi David. Well, actually that was my initial reaction too – its why I posted the first one first. I did not see much in this second one till I came across it again a few days later and in that time it had grown on me enough to post it.


  2. I love this shot, my friend. Shadows and silhouettes make for the most dramatic elements in imagery, in my humble opinion, and this shot is full of that! Sorry to hear about the all-day meeting there, I totally feel your pain my friend. I find just staying awake through those sorts of meetings can be a pretty big challenge, myself… LOL Have yourself a great weekend, my friend!


    • Hi Toad – yeah, all day meetings sure take their toll. Even if they provide lunch, it sure aint “free”. I hope you have a good weekend too. If it dried up a bit, it sure would help.


      • I’ll say. I think I could change the permalink to get it to reside in the right place, but then none of the links in notifications, and so on, would work. So, I just leave them and put something else together and pretend that they just never really existed. Though a bit of a shame with this image which has not had much viewing compared to a typical post.


      • And, I should add, it’s my experience that the more mindless I am, the more inclined the technology is to develop a mind, though perhaps not to be mindful.


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