Kiix?in Pinnacle


A couple of days ago I made a day trip to the Bamfield area in Barkley Sound for a meeting.

Bamfield is about a 4 hour drive from Victoria, much of it over logging roads.

Our meeting was at  village called Kiix?in (the ? is a glottal stop) which is a Canadian National Historic Site.

It is in the territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation and looks out towards the Deer Group of islands.

This photograph is from the exposed beach to the west of the site.

Canon 5Dii, 16-35mm f2.8 lens, ISO 800 – 16mm, f8, 1/2000th





16 thoughts on “Kiix?in Pinnacle

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  2. The light in this shot made me think, for a second, that you had photographed a mural or a painting. That is just incredible. I know how hard it is to shoot some of these places – I’ve been trying since I was a kid growing up in WA State (hi, neighbour). Most of my shots turn out rubbish; I get it.

    Hooray for Bamfield and environs! I wish I had known about the First Nations village before I was there as a youth – I would have been over there to ask permission to see it in about 5 seconds. You are so fortunate to have a career which lets you work in such beautiful places.


    • Hi Sam, nice to hear from you again. I am very fortunate – this is one of those special places that stand out from a fairly long career – I first worked here in 1984 and have been there quite often over the years, including more great projects.
      As to the technical side of things – there were very strong shadows and contrasting light in this photo – since I shoot raw files, I tried to select and exposure that would allow me to pull information out of the shadows and balance the contrasts a bit. It leaves that slight painterly feel, but is a better photo for the changes, I think.


    • Thank you Jane – everything came together just right for this shot. Made all the better by a 545AM start, a four drive there, a nice hike out to the adjacent landform to do some work and then to have this as we wound up our day, prior to the four hour drive home. Makes it all worthwhile, though the rest of the time was really good too.

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