Conversion with Mod Cons



I have been helping clear out 30+ years of junk stored in a garage.

This was one of the prize discoveries.

It may look like a chair, but in fact it is a rat condo, an apartment, with all the latest conveniences that a rat could desire.

I took the picture to send to Melinda Green Harvey who has an ongoing love affair with chairs, but decided everyone would like, or at least be interested, to see it.

If it was a bit gross to look at over breakfast, sorry about that.


Photo taken with Samsung S4




9 thoughts on “Conversion with Mod Cons

  1. Too bad the outdoor burning by laws dont let you put a match to it in at this time of the year, cleansing fire is what its calling out for


  2. I recently had a close encounter with a rat (now hopefully deceased) who had set up house in the shed where I am storing my furniture. The small was atrocious! I made sure the rat bait had done its job before touching anything. I thought the damage my wee rodent had done was bad but yours takes the cake!

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    • I think we could have filled a bucket with rat droppings from this garage, had we cared to separate them from the cobwebs, drifted in silt, chewed carpet and upholstery fragments and miscellaneous litter.

      There was another garage nearby – it had a family of raccoons living in a ceiling high stack of drawers from some long gone cabinets. The smell …. I thought I was going to throw up while shoveling out the nesting materials. I had to leave that job half done for another day, after some serious airing of the garage – days or weeks even.

      Next week will be like a salve for this sensory assault – I will be sailing on an old (but pristine) schooner in Haida Gwaii, sharing my knowledge of the area. A two week respite from the urban existence. Not sure yet what I will take in the way of a camera or two, but expect pictures on my return that are more peaceful and living than this one.

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      • Wow, raccoons! That sounds so romantic to an Aussie, that is until you mentioned the smell. I can relate. So thrilling to be able to sail and speak about your passion, Mr E. I will look forward to seeing your pics here. Have a wonderful time! PS Have had a lovely short correspondence with Melinda Green Harvey. She mentioned she had met you. I am envious. X X

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      • Racoons are a bit of a pest in these parts. In some places without predators where they have been introduced, like Haida Gwaii, for their fur as part of the Davey Crockett fad of the 50s, they have been devastating to ground nesting birds. They can wipe out dozens of birds a night when they get in a blood lust, not to mention their eggs.
        Melinda is every bit as nice in person as she is on the internet – funny, interesting and passionate about photography. I can see why you are envious that I have met her 🙂

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      • So sad the way we have crippled parts of the natural world for stupid fads. I had no idea the raccoons lived anywhere other than where they should be. We have many similar environmental disasters through introduced species here. Rabbits, foxes, camels and cane toads spring to mind as well as feral cats and dogs and probably many other species.

        Yes, Melinda is a lovely lady. Next time you see each other you should do a collaborative post. That could be fun and interesting to see .


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