Another shot from Clover Point where I was testing a Takumar 300/f4 lens on my DSLR.

Happy Canada Day.




Canon 5Dii, Takumar 300/f4 m42 mount lens





3 thoughts on “75LED

  1. Before opening the page I thought this was a very imaginative photo of a FireWire cable. I still thought it was a FireWire cable when I looked at it more closely. I now have my glasses on (😊😊) and realise it isn’t a cable. It is a light, but what kind?

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    • It is a street light – I guess it is a new low energy type of bulb. I have not noticed this exact type before, but they are probably all over the place – I don’t normally look at street lights as closely as this 300mm lens allows.

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      • I like the fact that you have such broad subject matter in your photos and that I couldn’t immediately work out what I was looking at. Great to see that there are low energy public lights being installed. The world is slow to get these things happening but slowly is better than not at all!

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