Discovery IV


A surf board shop on lower Discovery Street that seeks to run off the electrical grid.

Looks like they might do food too, but I have never stopped in.

Taken on a test roll in a Canon EOS3, pinhole shots on that same roll are published at (here).




Canon EOS3, EF 50/1.4 lens, Agfa Vista 200.



2 thoughts on “Discovery IV

  1. I have a personal goal of living off the electrical grid one day. I don’t think it’s on the horizon for quite some time, but it’s good to have things to work towards, right?


    • Hi Rachel.
      It is an excellent goal. And much more readily achieved in Australia where there is so much sun!
      In lots of my field situations there has been at least partial inputs from solar since the early 90s. It makes so much sense for recharging batteries of all the electronic devices used in fieldwork, like cameras, radios, and more recently ipads and phones where data gets recorded. And far more pleasant than a generator rumbling (or whining as they do now). Also, I know a few people that have cabins that are totally off the grid with solar power, but with a generator backup for dark times of year, or to run a washing machine. Remote places need this kind of technology, and cities do even more so. Lots of interesting developments, like solar power roofing materials and better batteries that eventually should reach a tipping point and mean that solar/wind/hydro will be the norm. I expect you will achieve your goal in just a few years.


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