This little dog runs the Curiosity Shop on Fort Street and has somehow finagled a human to keep it warm and to help compensate for far too short legs.

The human calls me ‘the camera guy’ but I don’t have a name for the dog or his man.

I check out his old cameras from time to time, which is where the name comes from, but I also check out other stuff.

I am not a great customer though, I have only ever bought one camera from the shop.

I was walking past the shop when I found the dog had brought him outside to test a pair of binoculars.

I was checking out the Yashica AFMii to see if it was worth using and asked if I could take their picture.

This picture is one of an emerging series of portraits taken of vendors of one kind and another around town.



Square Lines IX


When the rail shadows in Market Square hit the stairs, the patterns start to fool the eye.

I find this shot a bit disorienting and I can’t recall if it is of the treads or the risers.

This was another on my shortlist for submitting to a contest.

If you browse through my Market Square posts you will find many variations on the railing shadows theme.


Nine from Autoboy 2


My week 9 post for the 52Rolls project, all from the same roll of film as today’s other post.

Originally posted on 52 rolls:


My week nine has ended so I think I will post nine images from a roll made this week, though there are others that I like on that roll. They were made with a Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii (aka Autoboy 2 and [New] Sure Shot).

Some pictures from this camera were posted in my week seven when first testing the camera when I was trying to get a good shot from a cheap plastic point and shoot to enter in a contest. I shot another roll this week, though I ended up choosing an image from the first roll to enter in the competition.

It was a glorious spring day when I took these photos. Others from this roll have already appeared on my blog here and here. My entry to Hamish Gill’s competition can be found here, though it was a week 7 roll. Check out the other submissions – there are some very…

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Charity Awning



This is another shot from a point and shoot Canon that I bought to make a photo to enter in Hamish Gill’s photo contest to win a Leica.

This shot, and the geometric shadows of a couple days ago are on my short list from which I selected my entry. I expect my entry will appear on his blog in the next day or two, in one of the posts showing all the contest entries. He has already posted 120 photos and it sounds like he will have 200 or more. (Edit: it is now posted here). There are some very good photographs posted so far and definitely some I would choose ahead of my entry, but that is normal for photo competitions that I enter. Of course I am doubting my choice, and thinking maybe I should have chosen today’s photograph, or the shadows, or one of the others I have yet to post.


Making a Polaroid Pinhole Camera



I am sure you don’t want to read to the bottom to see the results of not only making a pinhole camera, but using it too. So above is the camera in its finished state, and below is the only photo I have made so far. Read on though, if you are interested in how I went about making this camera, and learning how to use it.

I have been looking at and liking a lot pinhole photographs recently – see for instance this post by ‘schlem’ over at the 52Rolls project for some very high quality shots – schlem provided me with some helpful advice and encouragement that moved me to implement my ideas. This link is to various posts tagged as ‘pinhole’ at 52Rolls and I had fun browsing the many posts from the past few years.

Naturally seeing a lot of pinhole photographs planted an idea that a pinhole camera would be kind of fun to make. But, I did not really want to undertake a huge job, or to mess around with tin cans or oatmeal boxes or other of the simple-modern-classic pinhole camera bodies. Somehow the idea came to me that a Polaroid microscope adapter that came in a free box of camera stuff might work for this. It has no lens, but does have shutter operated by a cable release, bulb setting is the only option. It has a Land 100 film pack attached at the other end of the light tight box, and even has a tripod mount. It seemed ideal, and a very good use for this body which is missing a necessary part for use on a microscope. A bit of research revealed that Polaroid film is a viable option for pinhole photography (other than being really expensive) and that the focal length of this box would have a reasonable angle of view for a Polaroid film size. Also, as I don’t have much spare time right now, this seemed a manageable project since many parts of the project were in place. So, I plunged in, drafting parts of this post as I went along as a way to keep notes, and to avoid a huge blogging job at the end. This worked out well as I made the camera over several days, spending short amounts of time here and there and losing my train of thought more than once.


Square Lines VIII

Two 4 One



My photos from the reception for an excellent locally made feature length film.

Originally posted on 52 rolls:

2015-7N-003-018Maureen Bradley, Writer/Director

My week 8 was busy with work, computer problems and getting out on the weekend. One very fun event was to go the Victoria première of a feature film Two 4 One playing at the Victoria Film Festival. I was invited to the reception afterward, where I took these photographs. A synopsis of the film from its website reads:

“Maureen Bradley’s debut feature is a bittersweet romantic comedy with a transgender hero in an unimaginable predicament. Oddball couple Miriam and Adam have an ill-advised and pivotal one night stand that sees them both wind up pregnant.”

The film is very well done in all respects – writing, acting, cinematography, production, score and so on. It is truly remarkable that so much was achieved on a very small budget. The film was shot in Victoria, including around my neighbourhood. The movie does a great job of presenting Victoria in all its wonderful February beauty…

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