Compare and Contrast

Pacific Sunset

My collaboration with Melinda continues with golden views to the western horizon. My photo is the one below, Melinda’s above and her co-post is here.

It was inevitable, if this series went on long enough, that I would end up blown out of the water, or perhaps a better cliché would be blown sky-high. And to add irony to injury, she does it using colour.

I did take digital colour photographs of this sunset but I became wrapped up in catching some golden light on the beach below, and the photos did not work out all that well.

The picture I include here is from a point and shoot film camera. It does show the setting from which Melinda was shooting, including that we were at the top of a bluff above the ocean. She had burrowed into that fringe of vegetation right to the edge of the cliff like she had grown up in these parts.

Even though the thick shrubbery was cloying and excessively damp by Texas standards, she managed to stay on point and capture this great shot. Given that we were standing on Point No Point that is quite something.

But then that’s Melinda for you.



Room for a Family

The Rooms Beyond

Another from my and Melinda’s collaboration from Jordan River just west of Victoria. Her photo is above, mine is below. Melinda’s co-post can be found here and as it is her turn to do the writing this is what she says:

“The abandoned house that Ehpem and I explored had a lot of rooms, even though it wasn’t a very big place. We surmised that there’d been more than one addition, which accounted for the chopped-up floor plan. Almost any where we stood gave us views of other parts of the house. Only one room had boarded-up windows, so the morning light bounced around the interior in a very nice fashion. And that light combined with the various building materials and textures, and the shapes of decay gave us plenty of shoot.

Some of our commenters on earlier posts have asked us if we planned our shots with the idea of co-posting. I believe I speak for both of us when I say we’d like to be able to admit to that much planning. But the fact is that we just shot what we liked (though in a few cases there we’d point out something the other one might have missed). We had the benefit of having followed each other’s blogs for several years, and of having very similar interests in our choice of subjects. Shooting with another photographer was a rare treat for me, and I appreciate Ehpem’s willingness to devote time to the photographic cause!”



Get Thee to a Shrubbery, and Sit Down


Today Melinda and I have taken our collaboration back at Point No Point, which is a bit east of Jordan River. My photo is the one above, Melinda’s below and her co-post is here.

While walking the forest trails we never did meet a Knight of Ni. I think they would have been happy with all the shrubberies in this area so I would not be surprised to hear of a sighting sometime.

I was not aware of Melinda taking a photo, or at least I don’t recall noticing. But we must have stood in almost exactly the same spot to do so. Mine is shot on film and I don’t edit the scans nearly as much as I do digital images; I try to find desired details during the scanning process. Perhaps more could have come out of the shadows and a crop would not hurt, but I like the contrast (so to speak) between our two shots.

This must be a very nice spot to sit at sunset unseen by any boaters below. Though if you get too comfortable and a bit drowsy, as is likely, you could easily be startled by a Ni! exclaimed behind you, and the slithering hiss of chain mail.


Hierographs Beside the River Jordan

Writing on the wall

Another in my collaboration with Melinda Green Harvey, this time from Jordan River just west of Victoria. Her photo is above, mine is below. Melinda’s co-post can be found here and as it is her turn to do the writing this is what she says:

“As you might have noticed from my blog, I do like to find a nice, abandoned place to photograph. And Ehpem came through as a great photographic-tour guide – we found an excellent abandoned house and spent quite a long time inside making photos. (Kudos to Ehpem’s wonderful and patient spouse for waiting for us!). There was much to be seen, and photographed, in the place, and we tried to be diligent about capturing it all. The house had the look of some deliberate dismantling, but the more recent changes seemed to be more along the lines of nature reclaiming what once was hers.

“There were several places where the walls were down to brown paper that had some very artistic things happening (don’t worry: we got plenty of shots of that!). But we also spotted a couple of places where a long-ago carpenter had made notes right there on the wall. It was an excellent find.”



Green and White


My 19th week of the 52 Rolls in a year project features a roll of expired and weirdly colour-shifted XP2 film that worked out just fine. Nice pictures from Point No Point and surrounds as well as more from the oft-photographed storm drain.

Originally posted on 52 rolls:


For week 19 I am working with a roll of Ilford XP2 that expired in about 2004. It is a black and white film that is process in C41 chemistry and has serious colour shifts as can be seen in the first shot above. However it scanned just fine and there are more than 19 pictures that are totally acceptable for showing. I include only 19 photos since some have already appeared here,here and here, or are scheduled to appear in my blog in the next few days.

About three weeks ago now I had a visit from Texas photographer Melinda Green Harvey. We have made friends through photo blogging and this was the second time she has visited. Most of the shots on this roll come from our time together though a few were shot before she arrived. It is fun and slightly strange to go out…

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Shooting Windows


The collaboration with Melinda Green Harvey continues. Her co-post for today can be found here .

The shadow in the photo above is Melinda’s and was cast while she was taking the photo below at Jordan River. Jordan River is a very small place beside the road from Victoria to Port Renfrew on the south west edge of Vancouver Island.

Beside the highway are some old buildings from a logging operation that was based here. I have photographed these buildings before and knew that Melinda would like them too. We poked around more than I had done before, and found a derelict house that was open, and you will see photos from inside it tomorrow.

I don’t know if the builder was anticipating flooding but foundations rising to the window sills seems a bit excessive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. After all they provide nice grain for Melinda’s shadow.

Parkade Madness

Parking Garage

This is the second joint post with Melinda Green Harvey. We are taking turns posting photos we took together (hers is the top one, mine is the one below), and writing the post to go with them. We went to this parkade where I have taken photos several times without incident. Never did I imagine that one of the best stories of our time photographing together would arise in a seemingly innocuous place such as this. In Melinda’s companion post to this one (check it out) she tells the story:  (more…)


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