This  sandscape and others to follow in the next few days was shot on a wonderfully remote beach on the west coast of Gwaii Haanas in the SW edge of Haida Gwaii.

I was in the area for a week. It’s a privilege to get to these places.  We did not see another boat until we were leaving, but we saw dozens of humpback whales, albatrosses, puffins and so much more wildlife.

There were some nice beaches too – like this one in Wells Cove.


Wasp Control



Just before leaving for the field, I was “dealing with” a wasp nest that had got into the wall of the house.

Being a bit on edge about the possibility of angry wasps, I was startled when the shadow of a cat suddenly appeared where I was looking.

The neighbour’s cat had lept onto the nearby fence. Having my phone in pocket, I kept the evidence, in case that cat ever surprises me again.

August has been a month of phone photos, an otherwise uncommon occurrence in these parts.

I expect September will be a mix of different cameras contributing to this blog.

Some of you might be pleased to hear that.


Chock Block

Seed Packet


My granddaughter has reached the age of non-stop talking.

It doesn’t matter if anyone is listening, she just loves to talk.

All the time.

It was so nice to have her visit me in the field.

We checked out this restaurant garden on a very nice day.

In one hand is a packet of seeds reclaimed from some seed heads of flowers in the garden.

Next year perhaps she will have a patch of flowers like this in her own yard.


Vinyl Siding III

V for Photographer


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