Through a Grubby Glass VII

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Through a Grubby Glass III

Through a Grubby Glass II

Through a Grubby Glass



Part of my daughter’s new place is a large converted school bus.

It is attached to a new post and beam cabin full of the rich colours of Douglas fir.

This photo is in a series taken through a side window of the bus which gets quite grubby under the branches of a cedar.

You will be seeing quite a bit through these windows of this friend of my granddaughter’s, and of my granddaughter too.

Some are totally charming and others, like this one, quite creepy – more like looking through the ice on a winter pond.

The mothers like these photos and are fine with me using them.

I wasn’t sure this would be the case.

I am out of town for about two weeks so even if you complain about this series, I can’t hear you for at least 8 days of that time.

But please, feel free to comment! I will get back to you eventually.



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