New Jutland IV


2015-OlyMJUII-003-012 Full Sized

I am still trying to figure out how the Olympus mjuII selects exposures.

In some situations, like the top two of these photos, it under-exposes, and at other times it nails it.

My impression is that the brighter areas get more attention than the shadows.

Perhaps though it is also the older film which might warrant a bit of a change in rating to compensate.


Red Truck Blue Road

Corrugated Test


This modern building shoehorned into the north end of Chinatown is another from a place I quite often test cameras.

In this case it was an Olympus 35RC which was a very poor buy.

It has a lovely lens as you can see here, but the light meter is broken and the silvering on the mirror is traumatised.


Ross Bay Cemetery VIII

Ross Bay Cemetery VII

New Jutland III



This is another shot from the Jutland Road area of the Inner Harbour waterfront.

An earlier post, New Jutland II, has a picture of this building taken within minutes of this one with a Mamiya M645, converted to black and white.

The lighting was momentarily different, but also the film is much creamier on the medium format image.

The colour version of that image was posted at, but I have loaded it into this post for ease of comparison


Wall Art Then and Now



These wall decorations are both facing west on walls less than a block apart on Broughton Avenue in Victoria.

I like the message of the lower one, but prefer the art, durability and overall aesthetic of the upper.

Those parking signs are a bit of an abomination though – no artistic anything about them.

Overall they show a singular lack of creativity – probably designed according to specifications of an insurance company.



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