Between Sets


No Fishes



The other day I posted Fishes with my granddaughter and lots of koi.

This is the same pool system but she could not find any fish in this area.

It’s a bit out-of-the-way, so perhaps no one feeds them here, or they can’t get through the tunnels connecting the different pools. (more…)

Tripping II



I bought an Olympus Trip a few weeks ago.

I taped the camera for the first roll as the seals are done.

It turns out to be just fine, so I will redo the seals and put some more film through it.

I like the camera, though keeping track of the zone focus requires concentration and memory.

I will get there – it does lead me to appreciate the way the Olympus XA2 returns the focal distance to the safest middle setting each time you close the camera.

More of this roll will appear around here and at 52 Rolls as well. In due course.


More Recording Studio



I spent another session in the recording studio with the Sam Weber Band taking pictures.

A variety of cameras were in action but I took only a few pictures with this one as it was loaded with film my son was using for other things.

This is a preview of a future a post, but converted to black and white in Lightroom.

The colour versions will be in my when I get around to posting them.




This Porsche Speedster is shiny black, but on film it came out dark blue, so I converted it.

I see it around from time to time and always wonder what it would be like to drive.

However, it doesn’t matter that I can’t drive it, it is one of those few cars that are a genuine pleasure just to look at.



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