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These shots are all from the public areas in front of the building features in yesterday’s post, and are obviously associated with the post from the day before that.

This former mill site has been developed to have walkways that connect with a major regional trail system. There is a major rowing and paddling facility here as well.

Eventually it is hoped that the waterfront walkways will connect all the way downtown. The nearby trail follows a disused railway corridor and crosses the harbour very near here and then winds along the opposite waterfront, or near to it, down to the Johnston Street Bridge, and from there back to town. But I think there is also a long-term objective to connect all the way along this side of the harbour – some of the industrial lands would be hard to get past, so it is going to take years.


Redcedar Clad


Here is my 12th submission to the 52 Rolls project. It is more from the Mamiya M645 and a companion to my last three posts on Burntembers.

Originally posted on 52 rolls:


I found a bit of an architectural theme on my twelfth roll of film which I started shooting a couple of months ago, and then finished off late last week. There were some nice surprises, barely remembered, from the first part of the roll. These three images are all taken in the Atrium, and relatively new building in downtown Victoria.

There are a couple of shots of another building from this same roll of film scheduled to publish on my blog at the same time as this one; you can see that post here.

I have recently posted a couple of other shots from this roll on my blog here, and here. Also, I sure do love the large negatives and how the colours are rendered on this expired Kodak Portra 160VC.

The Mamiya M645 Super is pretty much the other end of my spectrum of cameras from the tiny point and shoot…

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New Jutland



This is one of the newest buildings on Jutland Road along the far reaches of Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

In the past decade or so these former industrial lands have been repurposed into government offices and residences with a few places to eat and drink.

I spent a couple of years in a cube farm down here when redevelopment was in a much more raw state.

In those days, this spot was a parking lot, and overall there were fewer amenities, though the rowing facilities were in place then.


One Missing

Colour Analogue

Eleven from mjuII


This is today’s companion post over at 52Rolls where I am posting photos from rolls of film taken each week of 2015. These ones all taken with a new-to-me Olympus Stylus Epic point and shoot. Nice little camera, emphasis on little.

Originally posted on 52 rolls:


This really is my week-12 roll, sequentially shot week-11 is undeveloped waiting for me to get some chemistry and develop at home. Both are shot with an Olympus mjuII (aka Stylus Epic) that I have been testing. The camera has not really grabbed hold of me and proved its reputation to me. I think some other point and shoots are every bit as good optically with as good exposures. None are as small as this camera, but so far I prefer the Olympus XA and XA2 for feel, functionality though picture quality is similar – they are very nearly as small as the mjuII as well. I suppose after another few rolls and I might come around to this camera as a constant companion, but for now the XAs hold that position in my coat pocket. At least I got a charity shop bargain at $10, barely used, in original box with…

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Spring Showers


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