Oh Deer



An early 1960s Takumar 300mm f4 to f32 lens came into my house today. I thought I would give it a try before it moved on. It works pretty well. Weighs a ton, has a very large amount of glass (filter size is 82mm), but is reasonably fast for the focal length and vintage. Chromatic aberration is pretty bad (I corrected it though not all the way in this version).

I tested the lens hand-held – the shot above was at 1/160th, f5.6 and ISO 640. I cropped it in Lightroom at about 1:3 ratio and applied a bit of sharpening, a bit of clarity, and minor adjustments to the tone curve. The shot below is un-cropped, taken at 1/320th, f8.0, ISO200. A bit of sharpening and minor adjustments of tone curve levels were made.


Below is a 1:1 crop which shows, taking into account hand holding at too slow a shutter speed and a running subject, that the lens has good sharpness.




Canon 5Dii, Takumar 300/f4 m42 mount lens





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