Shadow, With Hat

Another shot from Los Angeles at night while walking home from the photography workshop.

I found the shadows cast by car lights very interesting though I did not get many good shots (this is another).

It’s my own shadows, cast by lights from more than one vehicle.



Click the photograph for a larger version.





8 thoughts on “Shadow, With Hat

    • Thanks Kate. I should have published a little slideshow of the shots I took here because the scene was continuously changing with one strong shadow, or multiples, and heavy horizontal lines appearing and disappearing from who knows what obstruction to light. It was fascinating on all the streets we walked at night, but extremely difficult to photograph.

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      • True. Though I am not sure it is a project I would seek out. It just happened because I was walking around after dark with my camera several nights in a row.

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      • Fair enough, Mr E., but I’m wondering if it might make you see things differently in other settings, like on the storm drain beach? I think there might be all sorts of things you explored as a result of the workshops that will pop into your work now. Things that you might not even be conscious of until you upload your photos.

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      • I am hoping for a lasting effect! And I expect there will be. I like the way the microcomposing slows things down – it is one of the attractions of film for me. So, I expect I will be taking technically better photos, and hopefully finding the settings and making interesting photos that have good technique. We will see when I have a bit more time to take photos.

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    • Thanks – it was raining much of my time there. The coat is a heavy rain-capable gortex (thank goodness) and the hat is waxed but was usually soaked through. Still, better than nothing.


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