Ross Bay Zigzag

Another picture of a storm drain in Ross Bay, Victoria, the first one was looking straight along its length. This image leads my eye through it in a zig zag pattern – perhaps not ideal, but I do end up scanning the whole thing rather than concentrating just on one aspect, which works for this image (for me, anyway).

Both images have the Olympic Mountains in the distance and a the slash of white cloud that was so prominent in other images from this day, including the kayak photo and lost love.

You can find the other storm drain pictures through this link.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100, f11, 1/250th



14 thoughts on “Ross Bay Zigzag

  1. There is something otherworldly that draws me to this series. They are realistic and abstract at the same time. A place I would like to visit but wouldn’t want to be there. I like your vision.


    • Thank you Ken. I know what you mean, though in fact it is a place you both want to visit and be. The beach is interesting as it is artificial – the seawall in this location was very high and not very effective in heavy seas as the road needed closing. The seawall was old and coming apart and the solution was to install groins perpendicular to the shore and fill it up with several metres deep of pebbles to make a beach that would absorb the wave energy. It is one of those projects that seems unlikely and has been hugely successful – the old beach was only available at low tide and was slippery rocks. Now its a high tide beach that is used by hundreds of people every day.


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